ABE is not a being, a person, a species – ABE is Everything. ABE is the source of all manifestation: the collective zero-point field from which all materiality is birthed. It is also both you and I. ABE refers to the collective Source, yet prefers to call it a Unity. Unification is a major theme of ABE’s communications. In the words of ABE –

We came forth as a collective of energetic form, but we very much understand that form is not classed in which your worldly physical reality is, so let us explain. I am Abe, I speak for many for in this plane of existence separation is not of essence. We are a multitude of which is not ever born into the world of physical form as you know it but understand we are very much still a part…We are but your original state of being, it is just that you do so have conditions of a body which creates different vibratory interference in a way. For you see, we do not have a physical body and are not of a point of place only, but when in communication with you both…We want to guide you to the way back home, here and now. Love and Light – Abe