This webpage was set-up as a platform to share the communications from ABE – the collective field from which all existence manifests. The ABE materials are positive and inspiring communications that urge us to find our way back into balance – from a ‘splintered mind’ into ‘home resonance.’ These communications are not a channeling but an allowing. That is, each person has the potential to connect with their origin, if they allow the flow.  ABE is you and me. As ABE would say – ‘there is no differing.’

We offer these communications in the hope that they may be of benefit to others – and to help as many as possible to find the way back home.


NM allows the ABE communications to flow, and has been writing them down for a number of years. KD has the great pleasure of formulating the questions (mostly!) and of formatting the answers into punctuated sentences. ABE-NM-KD are a triad that flow together.


NM first started receiving the ABE communications back in 2007. They came as ‘nudges’ in the beginning, but over time developed into the written communications like we have today. With the help of KD the connection to ABE has strengthened and developed. NM is a mother of four and a small business owner, living on the coast of Wales. She hopes to continue to grow within herself, and also strengthen this connection to ABE within this triad of being.


KD worked for many years in the educational sector, teaching at various schools and universities in England and overseas. He left academia in late 2008 to continue as an independent freelance researcher and writer. He has published over a dozen books, including non-fiction, adult and children’s fiction, poetry, essays, and plays. He lives in the countryside and likes to grow his own food where possible.

A Note on the ABE style

NM receives the ABE communications in a kind of ‘stream of consciousness’ style. That is, the words are almost entirely without punctuation and consist of continuous words rather than sentences. KD reads through the communications and does his best to format them into grammatical sentences. It appears that the sentence style can be somewhat ‘archaic’ at times. There are many ‘but see,’ ‘but hear this,’ ‘see this,’ and similar phrases. Actually, these are very useful markers as they allow KD to see where one sentence finishes and another one begins. There were times also when ABE seemed to say something in a way that was not the most fluid, or modern way, of putting forth. We wondered if ABE wanted for us to ‘translate’ their communications into a more flowing, informal manner. So, we asked ABE the following question:

In the formatting of this material we have made very minor adjustments, such as punctuation. We have not interfered or altered any of the wording. We wish to stay true to this material. There are some phrases that sound a little awkward. May we change these into better English, without altering the meaning or content?

If you feel extremely strongly to do so then yes. We would also like to say that if you are on the borderline of wanting to, then we feel it should be kept as it is. Love and Light – Abe .

There you have it – we were given permission to make alterations only if we felt ‘extremely strongly’ to do so. Otherwise, we were to leave it alone.  At no time did we ‘feel strongly’ about making a change. Perhaps there was good reason for this. Maybe, just maybe, the transmission style of ABE is also impacting us as we read – acting upon our own inner cognition? We leave it to the reader to ponder more on this. For now, we’ve left it more or less exactly as it came forth – as it was allowed to be.