• Hello Abe. Can you explain ‘who’ is Abe?

We came forth as a collective of energetic form, but we very much understand that form is not classed in which your worldly physical reality is, so let us explain. I am Abe, I speak for many for in this plane of existence separation is not of essence. We are a multitude of which is not ever born into the world of physical form as you know it but understand we are very much still a part. Take it like this – you are experiencing the world in your physical form in that you have a body; this body is not separate from the whole. You are of a denser vibration in which resonates to that of your home in which you are a part of. You are in physical form which means that you are energy like us but stood still as a point of attraction; you are part of what is all motion, ever-changing but you are stagnant just for a short time. What we are, and I cannot come up with anything else that will enable us to speak of an individual consciousness for it does not exist here and it will not exist for you when this time is over. What we are is what you are and life is never apart just taking form moving through and out of form, like a candle that burns down to liquid because it has changed its physical form – does it really mean that the candle is all gone? I am able to be an ‘I’ for the essence of communication; to be able to come forth in such a way that will enable us to convey that which is important. That your life here is of beauty and difference and separation but here it is of collectiveness and oneness, free from conception. What we want to come forth to do is unify the two essences together to enable a humanity of divine essence, of divine being, to realise that in which you are and that in which you can become. We want to guide you to the way back home, here and now. Love and Light – Abe

  • How would you describe your location in terms of place or space?

See, we are able to have space and time and place because of you. Like an antenna that picks up radio waves they are never positionally located until a device is enabling it to be transformed. Our point of place is here at this moment but not of location at all. What is enabling us to come through is that the mind is expanding as you evolve. This will be so as to let in more and more. What we want to do too is to enable this transition – to know of it but to also help guide so that it will not be of confusion. As to what is happening, we feel that at this time there is an epidemic as people are struggling. You see, like we say you are stagnant and you cling to this in your form. Energy is shifting you along and coming in to help flow but like a dog with a bone you will not let go. Love and Light – Abe.

  • Do you experience time? Does the concept of time have meaning for you?

Time is not a place, a point, it is really a social construct. It will never be able to be rid of as this is your human structure. From the very first part of human activity you have tried to ensure and predict and prove that I am here, and time says so. This is really the essence of time – to locate and divide and direct one thing; to slice it up into little sections. But if you think right now you will see that time is false for when can you ever trace back? It is only memory and it is so that it is happening right here and that too of your future. Knowledge that this is so then enables you to use time as it is and not how your existence has taught it to be. Love and Light – Abe    

  • Would you describe yourselves as a collective consciousness that perceives as a unity? Does this mean you gain experience collectively?

Yes; we are a collective consciousness. A web of consciousness one could say in which through all of time and space and place; experience is woven in inter-relational, interconnected, and picked up as to what you are attuned to.

For you have your eco-systems right down to the very energy at source – your bodily eco-system, your environmental eco-system, and the cosmic eco-system all different levels, perceptions, points of place working in perfect harmony at each and every level but non-separated at all. Our connection would be that knowledge of what you are is lost. Our connection is to enable you to see this interconnection, this vastness of perceptual experience; that there is a wholeness in this separation and that which looks like discourse at one level is harmony at another. Love and Light – Abe

Let us come forth as to what true knowledge is. Philosophers all throughout time have depicted and try to understand what knowledge is. True knowledge from our standpoint is allowing that in which you are. All knowledge is knowable, it is just that you think that it has to be attained – every experience, everything, every flap of a wing, crush of a rock, birth of a child, cry of a death, are all a vibration, a part of a pattern intrinsically interwoven into a web of consciousness. All is known, everything that we know is what you know. There is no separation in this; this is really what we want to come forth to do. Take, for example, technology; it has allowed you to communicate all over the world. What you have within you is much more expansive. Each and every one is a part of this cosmic consciousness. It really is so; it is just that life has caused so many to be fixated on the known physical essence of your being and forgotten that pool of consciousness that is readily available to each and every one. When you understand this then you have knowledge. It was always there, our only advantage point to you is that we do not have the dense energy in which you call body. Love and Light – Abe.